U.S. Armed Forces Currently Active Pilots: 40

Branch Rank Callsign Pilot Name Primary Airframe VATSIM ID Country
Air ForcevChief of Staff of the Air ForceAF1000Don 'Squirrel' Price F/A-18E Hornet1151683United States
Air ForcevCaptainAF1117Robert 'Frozn' Folmer B-2 Spirit1284327South Africa
Air ForcevCaptainAF1108Michael 'Too Tall' Wheeler CV-22 Osprey1209908United Kingdom
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1110Nigel 'Moonraker' Sutcliffe C-17 Globemaster III1034932United Kingdom
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1120Shane 'Piper' Watts C-17 Globemaster III867257United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1122Joseph 'Joker' Russ F-35A Lightning II1344767United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1101Olaf 'MAGOO' Markiewicz VC-25 Air Force One1476054Poland
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1104Ryan 'Wiki' Moran A-10C Thunderbolt II1497179United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1127Nicholas 'Silicon' Hesler C-17 Globemaster III1347050United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1102Bradley 'Kodak' Ward KC-461500346United Kingdom
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1103Miro 'Ghost' Rizman C-17 Globemaster III1430050United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1114Joshua 'MOOSE' Ong C-17 Globemaster III1499880Malaysia
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1105Ryan 'Slim' Findlay C-17 Globemaster III1583397United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1106Tom 'Stormforger' Dymond C-17 Globemaster III1579038United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1109Will 'flightman24' Smith C-17 Globemaster III1416805United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1111Manuel 'Manuel Rodrigues' Rodrigues C-40A/737 Clipper1467486Portugal
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1113Zach 'Zach' Bartig C-17 Globemaster III1351157United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1118Osi 'Pyro' Latu C-40A/737 Clipper1451157United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1119Chuck 'Beemer' Waddell 4121533761United States
Air Forcev2nd LieutenantAF1121Filippo 'Genna' Genoni VC-25 Air Force One1533729Italy
Coast GuardvAdmiralCG1000Nick 'Kicker' McDowell MH-651110855United States
Coast GuardvVice AdmiralCG1001Michael 'Warlock' Koger MH-601146586United States
Coast GuardvRear Admiral CG1108Luis 'Magellan' Gonzalez MH-65978209United States
Coast GuardvLieutenant CommanderCG1104David 'XWING' PETIT MH-651273992France
Coast GuardvLieutenant CommanderCG1107Norm 'barnswallow' Pritchett HC-130J923570United States
Coast GuardvLieutenant Junior GradeCG1109Nathan 'Drag' Cox HC-27J1179253United States
Executive StaffvSTAFFAFS1001Jason 'Street' Norment F/A-18C Hornet1074345United States
Executive StaffvSTAFFAFS1000Sean 'Snafu' Peterson F-22 Raptor1134079United States
Executive StaffvSTAFFAFS1002Mike 'Mobius' Giaurakis F/A-18C Hornet1228221Greece
Executive StaffvBrigadier GeneralAFS1060Stephen 'Wolverine' Munson C-17 Globemaster III1360031United Kingdom
Executive StaffvBrigadier GeneralAFS1061Todd 'Pappy' Ruth F-35A Lightning II815180United States
MarinesvChief Warrant Officer 2MC1100Paul 'Roadrunner' Dunn KC-130J1250963United States
NavyvAdmiralVV1000Al 'FLCN200' Rosenberg F/A-18E Hornet825173United States
NavyvLieutenantVV1102Drew 'Fuzz' Swanfeldt C-2 Greyhound810296United States
NavyvLieutenantVV1106Michael 'Skyman' Steffen C-130T1266752Germany
NavyvLieutenant Junior GradeVV1114Nathan 'Corsair' Hoggard F/A-18E Hornet1569290United States
NavyvLieutenant Junior GradeVV1116Ryan 'Bucky' Badger P-8 Poseidon1299696United States
NavyvLieutenant Junior GradeVV1210Vahn 'Insidious Fiddler' Gomes F/A-18E Hornet1553693United States
NavyvLieutenant Junior GradeVV1211Cameron 'Smalls' Langevin P-8 Poseidon1431134United States
NavyvLieutenant Junior GradeVV1212Mike 'Bigfoot' Betnega F/A-18E Hornet1450517United States