Air Force Ranks

Our ranks follow our real-life counterpart with our own set of requirements:

Rank Description
vCadetAn Air Force Cadet is a entry-level position where the bar is set for expectations for performance. Minimum responsibilities include reading and understanding the basic rules and knowledge of the organization.
v2nd LieutenantThe rank of Second Lieutenant is shown through a single gold bar. Proper forms of address include “Second Lieutenant” or “Lieutenant.” Commissioned Airman may sometimes skip this rank.
v1st LieutenantFirst Lieutenants have roughly the same responsibilities as a Second Lieutenant, but receive higher pay and are given more responsibility.
vCaptainCaptains are typically assigned to and have authority over a company. In such a position, they are referred to as the company commander.
vMajorA junior Field Officer rank, Majors in the Air Force operate as main staff officers on brigade-sized forces.
vLieutenant ColonelThe 21st rank in the U.S. Air Force, a Lieutenant Colonel is responsible for commanding a medical or support group, a squadron, or directing ops in the operations group.
vColonelColonels in the Air Force serve in a number of different roles. Some command elements of a wing while others serve as heads of staff in different Air Force staff agencies.
vBrigadier GeneralBecoming a Brigadier General is an arduous process. It begins with a board of general officers creating a list of candidates, and ends with the President choosing those to be promoted from that pool. Brigadier Generals must retire after 30 years of service or after five years in their rank.
vMajor GeneralA two-star rank, Major General is the highest rank an Airman can achieve during peacetime. The promotion process is mostly similar to the process in becoming a Brigadier General.
vLieutenant GeneralLieutenant Generals are picked by the president from the existing pool of Air Force General Officers. Their rank is temporary and is removed when they end their term.
vGeneralThe four-star position of General in the Air Force is used only during wartime. The maximum number of four-star Generals allowed in the Air Force at a given time is nine.
vVice Chief of Staff of the Air ForceThis rank is designated for the member who holds the position of Vice Chief of the Simulated Air Force.
vChief of Staff of the Air ForceThis rank is designated for the member who holds the position of Chief of the Simulated Air Force.