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Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer.

Major Thomas B. ‘Tommy” McGuire, USAAF
We are an organized group of individuals with the idea to create a simulated organization based on the real-world United States Armed Forces. We create an atmosphere the provides a good mixture between realism and fun. We work will other virtual military and airline organizations around the world.
It's not easy to be a USAFv pilot. It takes courage, dedication, training, patience, and the desire to want to have a good time in the air. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, feel free to apply to our organization.

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Pilot Stats

Active Pilots 31
Fleet Size TBD
Missions TBD
Flights 5063
Hours 12143.08


PAX Delivered TBD
Cargo Delivered TBD
Fuel Delivered TBD
Fuel Received TBD
Fuel Burned 93,913,437 lbs

New Recruits

Gerard 'No Dice' Cuomo    2023-03-22
Alec 'TECHNO' Slaby    2023-03-03
Dominik 'Starman' Jurášek    2023-02-28
Gideon 'Matrix' Grinberg    2023-02-14
Jace 'Skydive' Martin    2023-02-05
Alec 'Stellar' Stelloh    2023-02-05
Damian 'Kowalski' Kowalczyk    2023-02-01
Daniel 'Deputy' Dasilva    2023-02-01
Tameron 'Pickup' Hofmann    2023-01-15
Luke 'Cobra' Catenacci    2023-01-10

Recent Flights

Date Pilot Aircraft Origin Destination Distance (NM) Hours Landing Rate (FPM)
2023/03/30Shane WattsBell 412 2Z5PABI760.5725
2023/03/28Brett KnuthPMDG 737-900ERNGXu VP-CEC Blended Winglets (VP-CEC | 2019)KMEMKPHX11273.87108
2023/03/26Al RosenbergUNKNOWNCVNPHNL89811.000
2023/03/23Jason NormentBoeing757-Full 757 C32 AIR FORCE TWOKADWKHRT7132.10131
2023/03/23Brett KnuthPMDG 737-900ERNGXu VP-CEC Blended Winglets (VP-CEC | 2019)KOAKKMEM16484.37147
2023/03/23Gerard CuomoUH60 6006KECGKECG360.40121
2023/03/23Nick McDowell Lockheed C-130JKADWKFMH5331.63177
2023/03/22Brett KnuthPMDG 737-900ERNGXu VP-CEC Blended Winglets (VP-CEC | 2019)KMEMKOAK16093.78224
2023/03/20Brett KnuthPMDG 737-900ERNGXu VP-CEC Blended Winglets (VP-CEC | 2019)KMEMKPHX11793.90218
2023/03/19Vahn GomesVFA-115 "Eagles" NF311KMSYKMSY400.42694

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