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Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer.

Major Thomas B. ‘Tommy” McGuire, USAAF
We are an organized group of individuals with the idea to create a simulated organization based on the real-world United States Armed Forces. We create an atmosphere the provides a good mixture between realism and fun. We work will other virtual military and airline organizations around the world.
It's not easy to be a USAFv pilot. It takes courage, dedication, training, patience, and the desire to want to have a good time in the air. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, feel free to apply to our organization.

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Pilot Stats

Active Pilots 31
Fleet Size TBD
Missions TBD
Flights 4185
Hours 10183.36


PAX Delivered TBD
Cargo Delivered TBD
Fuel Delivered TBD
Fuel Received TBD
Fuel Burned 75,680,905 lbs

New Recruits

Mark 'Nessy' Nestorovich    2022-05-15
Eddie 'Casper' Burchell    2022-05-02
Sangyoon 'SangYoon' Lee    2022-04-23
Joseph 'Sledhead' Chamberlain    2022-04-22
Mauricus 'Drifter' Gaddes    2022-04-15
Jason 'Burner' Anderson    2022-04-07
Jake 'State Farm' Clark    2022-03-12
Ethan 'Cryer' Fortier    2022-03-01
Frederick 'Fearless ' Fleuren    2022-02-17
Michael 'Capricorn' Reincken    2022-02-11

Recent Flights

Date Pilot Aircraft Origin Destination Distance (NM) Hours Landing Rate (FPM)
2022/05/19Sean PetersonPMDG 737-700BBJ United States Air Force (90540 - 2022)KDYSKTCM14263.97316
2022/05/18Sean PetersonPMDG 737-700BBJ USAF (50730)KADWKDYS12243.47294
2022/05/17Nathan CoxSikorsky HH-60W Jolly GreenPADQPADQ540.9864
2022/05/17Michael WheelerU-2 Dragon LadyKBABEGVA511711.98626
2022/05/17Luis GonzalezCoast Guard C-37A-02KOPFKNRB4281.57188
2022/05/16Jake ClarkVFA-14 "Tophatters" LineCVN/KCEC20KNLC4351.15882
2022/05/16Shane Watts USAF McGuire AMC 44130KCHSEGUN36918.5855
2022/05/16Sean PetersonPMDG 737-700BBJ United States Air Force (90540 - 2022)KLSVKADW18554.35286
2022/05/15Ryan BadgerCessna CJ4 Citation NASAKHFFKHOP4151.5887
2022/05/16Jason NormentUNKNOWNLHBPLTAG29642.000

Top 10 Active Pilot's (Monthly)

Most Flights

Jake Clark10
Mauricus Gaddes9
Sean Peterson8
Al Rosenberg5
Luis Gonzalez3
Michael Wheeler2
Joshua McCreary2
Ryan Badger2
Shane Watts2
Nick McDowell 2

Most Hours

Sean Peterson20.84
Al Rosenberg19.15
Mauricus Gaddes17.12
Jake Clark13.21
Michael Wheeler12.71
Shane Watts9.51
Luis Gonzalez5.62
Jason Norment3.93
Don Price3.65
Michael Steffen2.72

Best Landings

Shane Watts55 FPM
Nathan Cox64 FPM
Joshua McCreary79 FPM
Stephen Munson85 FPM
Ryan Badger87 FPM
Jason Norment91 FPM
Luis Gonzalez92 FPM
Nick McDowell 98 FPM
Luis Gonzalez116 FPM
Ryan Badger135 FPM