U.S. Armed Forces Currently Active Navy Pilots: 18

Rank Pilot Name Primary Airframe VATSIM ID Job
vSTAFFJason 'Street' Norment F/A-18C Hornet1074345Joint Chief of Staff
vAdmiralRobert 'Axe' Timberlake F/A-18E Hornet1061479Chief of Naval Operations
vVice AdmiralSteve 'Motown' Polk F/A-18E Hornet840918Vice Chief of Naval Operations
vLieutenant CommanderNicholas 'Nemo' Marcantonio F/A-18E Hornet1315242Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenantFrancsico 'Shark' Chavarria F/A-18E Hornet1358028Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenantDrew 'Fuzz' Swanfeldt C-2 Greyhound810296Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenantMichael 'Skyman' Steffen C-130T1266752Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenantJOSEPH 'Mother' TUCKER P-8 Poseidon904016Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenantTom 'Garg' Lohmuller F/A-18E Hornet1366418Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenantStephen 'Wolverine' Munson F/A-18E Hornet1360031Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenant Junior GradeAl 'FLCN200' Rosenberg F/A-18E Hornet825173Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenant Junior GradeMichael 'Warlock' Koger V-22 Osprey1146586Navy Line Pilot
vLieutenant Junior GradeTom 'Badger' West C-40987410Navy Line Pilot
vEnsignColin 'Shadow' Stepney F/A-18C1012435Navy Line Pilot
vEnsignRobert 'DT' Guthy F/A-18E Hornet1344788Navy Line Pilot
vEnsignEnrico 'Lupo' Noia F/A-18E Hornet1161280Navy Line Pilot
vEnsignMichael 'Wrongway' Thometz F/A-18E Hornet938297Navy Line Pilot
vEnsignCody 'Hitman' West C-401425994Navy Line Pilot